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Top 7 Online Educational Platforms for Beginners in Digital Marketing

By on August 20, 2016

Education Marketing OnlineGetting into any new area of study can be hard, especially if you don’t have any prior knowledge about that field. Digital marketing is no different. While this business branch is fairly young and fast-developing, it’s hard to find a place to get into it without much headache. A professional resume coupled with a good degree will only get you so far in today’s job market. Using online educational platforms is a great way to expand your knowledge at minimal cost.

Living in a digital age such as ours, creating a CV using an online CV writer is nowhere near to earn you a proper job. Today’s world requires life-long learning and adaptability to change. Digital marketing is no exception and in fact, something that you’ve learned only yesterday can prove obsolete today. The development is just that fast, and staying ahead of the curve is proving harder than ever. Online educational platforms are here just for that purpose, allowing us to stay up-to-date with everything that digital marketing has to offer.

We’re here to take a look at some of the top educational platforms that can teach you a lot about digital marketing. Keep in mind that you will still need to craft a professional CV to engage employers. After after a couple of lessons from the platforms we will take a look at that should be no problem whatsoever. Let’s get started:

Google Online Marketing Challenge: Starting our list with the most obvious choice of Google’s own platform for digital marketing studies. The entire platform is focused around studying digital marketing in college and after graduation; basically whatever stage of studies you are in. The entire course is free and covers video tutorials, written materials, and online statistics, covering everything from social media to search engine marketing. The course is very accessible and free to use. Best of all, the course allows you to use 250$ of ad budget in order to conduct digital marketing. You can try out any strategies that you might have come up with. The best ideas are even rewarded by Google, so there’s no reason not to give it a shot.

Udemy: Being a professional educational platform, Udemy offers everything from language courses, creating a CV, graphics design to a wide variety of digital marketing courses. Udemy’s course selection is expanding daily, with more than 800 new courses added each month. Each course is created by a professional in their field, offering free online classes to anyone looking for ways to develop themselves. While some of the more advanced courses are paid, the prices are very affordable and Udemy offers constant discounts. There are no large investments to be made so it’s easy to pick up and give it a go.

PPC University: Created by its company Wordstream, PPC University is an educational platform that focuses on studying PPC advertising and everything about digital marketing. The platform itself is free to use and is designed to allow users free access to a large number of webinars. Different courses and lectures on a variety of areas in digital marketing are also available. Best of all, PPC is also mobile-friendly, which allows you to access their materials anytime and anywhere.

Social Media Quickstarter: Here we have an educational platform that allows us to learn everything there is about social media marketing. It allows us to learn how we can connect it all to email and digital marketing. These step-by-step lessons will teach you everything about YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, different social media, and how their marketing works. The course provides different tricks and strategies that will allow you to craft your campaign according to what platform your target demo is using the most. Social Media Quickstarter is a perfect opportunity for beginners in digital marketing and a great entry-way into the world of social media marketing.

Hub Spot: Inbound’s own certified education platform. Hub Spot allows college students and graduates alike to learn everything there is about social media marketing and inbound digital marketing. The course is consisted of 11 classes, complete with videos and very accessible materials including optional homework. The course is completely free and requires a simple registration to gain access to some of the lessons. It’s a great way to spend the weekend by studying about digital marketing in such a user-friendly way as Hub Spot provided here.

Alison E-business: There’s no better way to learn than doing it for free, and that’s exactly what Alison is offering. Alison is a community with more than 7 million people and enrolling in this free course. You can learn everything there is to know about digital marketing and how Google Analytics work. You can also learn about campaign tracking, Adwords and more, completely free. This will help you a great deal when creating a CV for your next job application.

These are just some of the options at hand when discussing online educational platforms for digital marketing. While many of these are specialized for digital marketing and offer no more than that, platforms like Udemy will allow you to expand your expertise further.

You will soon realize that writing a professional resume isn’t as hard as it was. After going through some of these courses, you can propose and implement many innovative ideas to your future employer. Don’t shy away from investing into yourself and take a look at some of the platforms we’ve listed. You’ll soon realize that it was the best decision you could have made.

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