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Top 5 Tips on Presenting A Job Application

By on July 1, 2013

When you are applying for jobs it can be easy to fall for the assumption that the CV is the most important part of your application. In fact, first impressions are probably the most crucial aspect of the process. (This is not to say that CVs are not important, but we shall cover them in a later post). Recruiters look at a number of basic aspects to get a good feel for the candidate. So here is what milestone will pick up on when receiving applications.

Subject Line

The subject line should be used to indicate what position you are applying for, if possible include the job reference number. Although it might seem friendly to write ‘hello’, it isn’t the most professional start in the world.

E-mail Address

Most people have at least two email addresses, an e-mail address should not be used to send out applications if it reads along the lines of Create a new address if necessary and use it for all professional purposes.


Forgetting to attach the CV file, or attaching the wrong file will almost definitely see your application being sent to the rejection pile. Double check before pressing send that it is the correct document, in the correct file format, ‘word’ files will always be accepted.


There is no need to compose an essay to send with your application. Recruiters will be looking out for information that is relevant to the job position. Make it clear what position you are applying for and highlight key skills that make you an ideal candidate for the job. At milestone we look for details like a current driving licence and at least 1 to 2 years driving experience.


Even the best of us make the occasional spelling mistake, reading through your application thoroughly or getting a friend to check it through will give you the opportunity to change these errors before it is too late.

So remember, don’t rush a covering letter as it could mean the difference between an interview and a rejection e-mail! Do you have any horror stories when it comes to sending job applications? Maybe you wrote the wrong company name in the application? We want to hear from you, the good and the bad stories!

This post was authored by Milestone Operations, the U.K.’s leading recruitment specialists for HGV Jobs

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