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Return to Work Amid COVID-19: Are you ready?

By on May 15, 2020

COVID-19 Returning to work: More Questions Than Answers?

As we see that lockdowns in all states of the US are beginning various levels easing, we see more and more employees and consumers showing their concerns about the workforce’s return to work post COVID19. The new normal for business amid this unprecedented health crisis is still unclear. COVID-19 has changed everything from how we are going to live and do the things we usually do. Going back to work is a risk. Everyone is talking about even when all the businesses are opening in the US.

The future of workplaces is not yet decided because of the fear of contracting the coronavirus. COVID-19 is responsible for the worst ever unemployment rates in the US. Millions of people lost their jobs. But even when the government said it is safe to go to work, people are hesitant. New data shows that people are ready to quit jobs where cleanliness is not taken care of by the management.

For employees to feel safe when they return to work, sanitation, and all other health and care issues must be taken care of by the higher management. I feel like all employers should create a policy on what are the things to do when people return for work.

Making workplaces, safer, and healthier:

You never know who might be a silent carrier of the virus that is COVID-19 because sometimes symptoms take more than two weeks to appear. Sometimes no symptoms appear, and it happens when the virus carrier has a strong immune system.

‘Washing your hands’ has become more important now, and the use of sanitizers is necessary. Taking these little precautions measures provide our minds a little bit more sense of safety.

People have started working from home to those who can, and many had to quit their jobs. Many companies are getting rid of their employees simply because the companies are in significant losses. More than 16% planned to go to work next week, 10% are going to stay away from work for the next two months, and the other 11% say they will work from home as long as they can, a survey report shows.

Policymaking and Guidance:

The health and science institutions issue many policies, and CDC is also making sure to spread awareness against COVID-19. CDC also issued guidance where they devised a policy for employers and employees to follow. This policy gave the employers information over which they can act to make it safe for the employees to return to work.

Significant elements for success include:

  • Implementation of social distancing:

The policy states that all US workplaces must make is sure to implement all the social distancing procedures at the workplace. When the workplaces open and employees return to work post-COVID-19, employees should be following all safety procedures, and they should keep at least 6-feet distance between their colleagues while at work. All the working desks and sitting places have to be spaced at a comfortable and safe distance from others.

  • Invest “Smarter” in safety and cleaning methods:

All the workplaces where it is possible to do work from home should ask their employees to work from home. It may help a lot in many ways, fewer crowds, and less risk of spreading the COVID-19. In other words, you can return to work by working from home. For this, technology must be used.

  • Educating workers before they RETURN TO WORK:

All US citizens must take precautions after educating themselves on the health issues. If a person knows how the virus is spreading, then that person can easily take safety measures for himself or herself. It is why education on the COVID-19 virus is important before workers return to work.

Bottom line:

Back to work doesn’t necessarily mean the impact of COVID-19 is over.  It is everyone’s responsibility to take safety measures before it is too late. We can stop the spread of this silent virus, and we can end the cycle of suffering for many just by taking precautionary measures. Continuing best practices will go a long way like what you do while grocery shopping during the remaining days COVID-19. We encourage the safety measures in this COVID-19 pandemic. Do not leave your homes until it is necessary and essential. While going out, make sure you wear masks and gloves. Stay home. Stay safe.


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