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Pay equity advocacy for Latinas

By on November 19, 2020

An important event in the success of millions of Latina women happened last month. It came and went and you probably didn’t even notice…Latina Equal Day— intended to bring attention to the pay equity gap in pay between Latina’s and non-Hispanic white men— was October 29th. 

Significant pay equity gaps are still a problem

This has been a systemic, ongoing issue for quite some time. Even with advances in education, technology, and growth in new sectors, the gap has persisted. Then, the global pandemic of COVID-19 entered the picture and aggravated the situation by creating massive losses in the job market as a whole.

Even with high value skills like being bilingual, serious discrepancies still exist. The gap is quite staggering. Latinas are estimated to be earning only $.55 for every dollar earned by their white male counterparts. So, closing this gap will take a lot of effort. Therefore, it will take some serious changes to a broken system. And, an increase in awareness by corporations to reach pay equity. To help bring this to light, two Latina women shared some advice on how to begin that process and thoughts on their own experiences. Constanza Eliana Chinea, is a yoga teacher and Iris Gabriella Santiago, who works in healthcare. READ MORE ON FORBES

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