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Nine Reasons to Pursue a Federal Job

By on September 9, 2011

150 Best Federal JobsINDIANAPOLIS—Occupational expert and author Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., is widely known for pinpointing which occupations and industries are most likely to offer employment opportunities, job security and great rewards. In his newest book, 150 Best Federal Jobs, he demystifies the world of federal employment, explaining its advantages and identifying its most promising jobs.

He explains, “The federal government is one of the few industries that was not badly hurt by the recent recession. It continues to offer jobs in a wide variety of fields in locations across the country.”

Here are some of the many reasons Shatkin says people may want to pursue federal jobs, rather than those in the private sector.

  • Federal jobs tend to be more secure. When agencies need to reduce their size, they usually do so by attrition (that is, not replacing people who leave). Employees can challenge termination or other personnel decisions through a formal appeals process.
  • Hiring and promotion in federal jobs are guided by a stronger commitment to diversity and inclusion than you’ll find in most private-sector worksites.
  • Federal jobs offer a wider selection of health-insurance plans than do private-sector employers. Retirees can continue their health-insurance coverage for the same fee they paid while working.
  • Federal jobs offer better retirement benefits than many jobs in the private sector.
  • Federal jobs offer 10 holidays per year.
  • Federal jobs offer 13 vacation days per year to beginning workers, 20 days after 3 years, and 26 days after 15 years. To this, add 13 days of sick leave per year.
  • Federal jobs often permit flexible work arrangements. For example, you may be able to work four 10-hour days per week or do some work from home. Workers are rarely required to work more than 40 hours. This can make a huge difference in some fields such as law and accounting.
  • High-quality day care for children is often available at federal job sites or sometimes is subsidized at off-site centers.
  • Federal jobs can give you the satisfaction of serving the nation.

Additional information about the federal government, as well as more than 55 “best federal jobs” lists can be found in 150 Best Federal Jobs. The book is available in major bookstores, at and at

To learn more about the book, read excerpts or view the table of contents, visit

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