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Job Security: Important for workers or companies?

By on December 3, 2020

The pandemic has turned the employment landscape upside-down.

Layoffs, furloughs, closures, restrictions and a myriad of other circumstances has created a minefield. Perhaps more than anything, may workers just want to know if they have some level of job security.

When somebody looks for a job, what is the first thing that comes to mind after the pay scale? Job security is likely the second thing that everyone thinks about when it comes to applying for a job. Both employees and employers are directly related to job security, and it also has a significant role in the company’s success. We are here to educate you all about job security and how it is important for companies and workers. If you are an employee and don’t know about it, don’t miss a single word!

What is job security?

Every company knows that the employees want to know if their job is safe or not. They all want a confirmation that nobody will fire them out of work with no justified reasons. job security satisfies the employees that no person from the administration is allowed to force you to resign. We can also call it a reassurance that you will be employees for a specific time duration, and nobody can force you to leave the job unless you want to move on. Unemployment is one of the biggest dilemmas of today’s world, and one of the reasons behind it is poor job security. So, when you are out to apply for the job, make sure that the company offers job security to its employees so that nobody can disturb you in your job duration.

How employees and companies are directly related to job security?

It is the most critical question that you need to know about. There are two perspectives on job security. One is the company perspective, and the other is the employee perspective. We will discuss both so that you can get a better understanding of the subject.

Company’s perspective:

If we talk about the owner of the company, it is not easy for the companies to arrange interviews and then hire new individuals after a tiresome process of selection. Moreover, people in business have no time to waste on arranging interviews every now and then. Leading companies try to hire people for long-term work so that they don’t have to go through the same recruitment process after every month or so. To avoid these troubles of hiring new individuals, companies ask the employees to sign a letter which demonstrates the minimum job duration. It can be a minimum of years or months of work. When they sign that letter, it assures the company that the employee will not move on to some other company. That’s how It is essential for companies.

Employee’s perspective:

Unemployment has been increasing for the past few years at a significant rate. Nowadays, every employee is very conscious of their work. When a person applies for a new job, he/she worries about job security. From the employee’s point of view, job security is an assurance that he/she will not be asked to leave the job or forced to resign without mentioning any valid reasons. It tells the employee that his/her career is safe for a specific time limit. And he/she won’t have to find a new job in that duration. In this way, they don’t worry about their future and work more efficiently. It satisfies the employee about his employment, and this satisfaction leads to much better employee performance at the workplace.

Last words:

The essence of the discussion is that job security is a must-have for both companies and employees. It secures the future of both, so that’s why it is important for both. No matter if you are a company owner or employee, don’t forget to sign the job security letter. It will keep your future safe in the market!


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