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Have a knack for communicating? These 10 jobs are for you

By on February 8, 2012

150 Best Jobs For Your SkillsST. PAUL, Minn. —Most jobs require employees to have specific skills, but many workers struggle to find jobs that complement their skill sets. Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., explains in the new edition of his book, 150 Best Jobs for Your Skills, that by discovering their greatest skills, workers can find jobs they enjoy and at which they excel.

Communication is an essential skill for many occupations, and Shatkin offers this list of 10 best jobs that require a high level of communication skills:

1. Management Analysts

  • Annual earnings: $78,160
  • Percent growth: 23.9
  • Annual openings: 30,650

2. Dental Hygienists

  • Annual earnings: $68,250
  • Percent growth: 36.1
  • Annual openings: 9,840

3. Physical Therapists

  • Annual earnings: $76,310
  • Percent growth: 30.3
  • Annual openings: 7,860

4. Physician Assistants

  • Annual earnings: $86,410
  • Percent growth: 39
  • Annual openings: 4,280

5. Pharmacists

  • Annual earnings: $111,570
  • Percent growth: 17
  • Annual openings: 10,580

6. Financial Analysts

  • Annual earnings: $74,350
  • Percent growth: 19.8
  • Annual openings: 9,520

7. Accountants and Auditors

  • Annual earnings: $61,690
  • Percent growth: 21.6
  • Annual openings: 49,750

8. Personal Financial Advisers

  • Annual earnings: $64,750
  • Percent growth: 30.1
  • Annual openings: 8,530

9. Compliance Officers

  • Annual earnings: $58,720
  • Percent growth: 31
  • Annual openings: 10,850

10. Veterinarians

  • Annual earnings: $82,040
  • Percent growth: 32.9
  • Annual openings: 3,020

Additional information can be found in 150 Best Jobs for Your Skills. The book was published in February 2012 and is available at major bookstores, Amazon.com and jist.com. 

About Laurence Shatkin

Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., has worked for 30 years in the career information field, presents and blogs on jobs, and has written many career books. He is past president of the Association of Computer-based Systems for Career Information. As a leading occupational expert, Shatkin is in-demand by the media. He shares his knowledge and insights on national news programs and in online and print publications. Read his Career Laboratory blog at http://careerlaboratory.blogspot.com. Follow him on Twitter: @LaurenceShatkin.

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