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Freelance Jobs With Just a Smartphone…Seriously?

By on June 11, 2020

All this talk about working from home and freelancers working wherever they can access the Internet. But what about using a smartphone for any of those jobs? While it’s not the first choice many would make, however it’s possible. Have a look at some examples of work you could do with nothing but a smartphone. Keep in mind, most freelance jobs require a computer of some kind to be done effectively.

Social Media Manager

Perhaps this is the number one accessible freelance work you can do with your smartphone. Working as as a social media manager to aid clients (companies as well as people) handle their social media web pages, produce quality content, and also interact with their customers.

You just need to be skilled-up with social networks and also understand methods to help expand followers, increase reach, and also drive the all important engagement on various social media platforms.


You can create articles, blog posts, internet site contents, books, and so on, for clients with your mobile phone. All you really need is to be a great writer, rapid typist, as well as a few applications to write with. Many of the better apps, especially on iPhone allow dictation which is truly a game changer. 

The frosting on that cake is that the majority of these apps are offered for free on both GooglePlay as well as Apple’s AppStore. Here are some great composing applications you need to start your journey as a freelance author:

Google Docs (Can save to Word format)

WPS office for Android and iOS

Microsoft Office Word

Digital Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, your job is to give specialist management, technical, or creative (social) assistance. This may include answering and also making telephone calls, sending emails, handling social networks pages, etc

This job is often done with a smart phone anyway. So, you are on track already.

Graphics Designer/Illustrator

An interesting aspect about designing on mobile is that you really don’t need to have any skills with desktop applications like Corel Draw and also Adobe Illustrator. You can produce attractive styles with platforms like Canva, a web, and mobile style application.


This design was created on Canva’s mobile app:

Some mobile applications you need on your mobile phone as a graphics designer or illustrator include:


Adobe Spark

Adobe Photoshop

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Be an Online Tutor

You can tutor people online with your cell phone. All you need to do is establish your level of proficiency, after that tutor people in need of your knowledge.

With your smartphone, you can shoot and edit video clips, produce audio lessons, or even compose short articles and well as send them to your clients or students. Today, there are so many WhatsApp, Udemy and even YouTube training courses where people learn from wherever they are.

Monetizing Your Skill

Now you have some grasp of what you can do with your smartphone, the following are some suggestions on how to earn money with these jobs.

Become a Medium Partner

One way to quickly make money with your composing abilities is by releasing your article under Medium’s paywall. As a routine author on Medium, you can potentially earn thousands on a month-to-month basis.

According to Medium’s infpormation, authors made as much as $17,126.40 in March and $5,099.90 was paid out on a single story. Although you likelycould not immediately make this much at a go, you can earn much more as time passes.

With roughly 64% of regularly publishing authors making over $100 in March, you certainly stand a reasonable chance. The simplest method to gain a lot more on Medium is by getting your article in a Medium publication.

There are a variety of different publications on Medium that currently enjoy a significant following like Better Marketing, The Startup, Method, etc. Sending your posts to prominent publications like this is your key to getting to a large target market and also making more cash.

All you have to do is find a preferred publication in your specific niche, send your articles to them, and watch as you earn. The fantastic part of this is that your short articles will maintain gaining you money as long as they stay released online.

Freelance Sites

Freelance websites are systems, that link-up individuals searching for freelance jobs and employers with each other.

As a consultant, you have the liberty to make an application for only the jobs that appeal to you. These websites will certainly help you in locating your very first clients easily and building your reputation along the road.






Most of these sites are already quite popular and saturated with other freelancers and getting jobs is not as easy as it used to be. This just means you need to make your profile stand out above the others as well as providing quality results.

Remote Work Application

For some other ideas you can check for freelance jobs and other opportunities on our career search engine.

You can also apply for remote working positions in your area of specialization with any of these systems.





Social Media

Make certain your social media sites web pages highlight your skills and show what you can use. Make your social networks web pages function as your portfolio by sharing samples of your job on a regular basis.

If you are a writer, create Twitter threads, share LinkedIn blog posts, as well as compose Medium articles. Keep placing your work out there, and people will certainly discover you.

Actually, regularly updating your account details is one of the most effective means to get high paying jobs without applying for them. The gigs are mainly high paying because customers reach out to you because they see the top quality you can supply and prepare to pay for it. These will essential for any freelance jobs in this arena, so stay on top of it. 

Cold Emailing

Do not be like those “spammers” that send random bulk cold emails to potential clients. Rather, invest some time to do some research study, develop a technique, with some kind of bait to ensure that you can be considered. These freelance jobs can be some of the most rewarding and lead to referral business as well. 

Cold emailing is not concerning sending the same low-quality e-mails to thousands of clients, yet by sending out high-grade emails to a few clients. When you take your time to do some research study and recommend to address an issue he or she is encountering, a potential client is a lot more likely to respond to your email.

Typically, generating income as a Consultant may be hard in the beginning, however you need to keep pressing until you get your initial customer. Then the second, third, fourth, 5th, till you ultimately lose count.

In all, be calculated in your effort to make genuine earnings. Do not get swayed away by get-rich schemes.

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