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Consider the career, not just the job

By on June 21, 2012

Harris AlliedHarris Allied Tells Job Seekers ‘It’s Not About the Job, It’s About Your Career’

NEW YORK, NY – June 2012 – It’s a decidedly different job market for technology professionals than it was even two years ago and many tech pros may find themselves evaluating several different job offers at a given time. This is the time to look beyond the job in front of you and consider your career, say experts at Harris Allied, an executive recruiting firm.

“People who find themselves in a position to consider a single new job offer or several offers at a time, or even consider a job change to begin with, should be thinking strategically, not tactically,” says Kathy Harris, managing director of Harris Allied. “Consider your long-term objectives and what sustains your interest in your work. This is not the time to make decisions solely based on a 5-percent or even a 20-percent jump in salary. If you love what you do and you follow your instincts, the money will follow, as well.”

Harris offers the following guidance to job-seeking technology pros in today’s current environment:

  • Consider how you manage your search. Keep a spread sheet that tracks where your resume was sent, whom you met with, whom you are networking with. You are not a commodity; you are a person and should both expect and display common courtesies when interviewing, such as…
  • Have a mentor. Have someone on the “outside” to help you navigate the waters. They can offer objective perspective and guidance and prompt you with the right questions to help you get at the things that are really most important to you.
  • Consider opportunities with companies that offer professional development, ongoing training and advancement. Most companies offer tuition reimbursement, but a few offer structured in-house training programs. Most tech folks are motivated by learning new technologies since hot tech skills often mean higher salaries and increased marketability. The ability to learn a new development language or attain professional certifications are benefits that have lasting implications on one’s career.
  • Consider whether the new position is in an industry that really interests you. Changing jobs too frequently can be a career killer; you need to be able to commit to at least one year after taking on a new job. Hiring managers often refer to job hoppers as “flight risks” and want to hire a candidate who will be with them for the long term.
  • Ask tough questions. It is perfectly appropriate to ask potential employers questions about why a position is open or to describe the corporate culture. Answers to these kinds of questions can really deliver valuable insight that can help you make the right decisions for you.
  • Ask to meet with other members of your potential team and look online at sites such as and LinkedIn for candid insight into a company or a department that you might not get from a traditional interview setting.
  • Think carefully about commute. Most candidates cite a long commute as a deal breaker when considering opportunities. Think it’s not a big deal and that you can handle it? We suggest a couple of dry runs in rush hour to make sure.
  • Don’t forget about your benefits. Nothing is more disheartening to a new employee than finding out that their salary increase will be eaten away by increased benefits costs. Health benefits, vacation, telecommuting, and 401K-matching plans are often overlooked by job seekers. Make sure you know what your out-of-pocket costs will be before you accept that new job.

“Making the wrong career move can age you 20 years in six months. Think beyond the money.  Think about the last time you were inspired or proud to be a part of a really great team. What inspired you to come to work every day? Once you have a handle on those all-important aspects of the job, you can be better focused to seek out those same qualities in a new position,” said Harris.

About Harris Allied

Harris Allied provides premier executive search, technology and quant analyst placement services to the financial services, professional services, consumer goods, digital media and tech industries. The firm represents clients who are at a variety of growth stages: from tech start-ups to established industry leaders. Harris Allied’s client-centric approach allows the firm to objectively assess the strengths of qualified candidates and thoughtfully match them with the right opportunities.For more information visit To view Harris Allied’s corporate video, “For Each of Us, It Starts with a Moment,” visit


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