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Breaking Through the Job Ceiling

By on December 16, 2014

Ruby PolancoHitting a ceiling in your current position or job is not an obstacle but a chance to reinvent you and break through it. 

When you have a nine to five job and lose your passion for a company, it’s time to move on.  It’s a proven fact that when a person stays in a job for more than two years your opportunity for a higher income decreases.  You make most of the money you’re going to earn at a company within the first two years.  If you’re searching for a new job, you can go in asking for more money based on your past or current job experience.  If you still have passion for your job and it’s not about the money, stay with it but if the passion has run out, it’s time to start seeking other opportunities. 

What direction you go from there is entirely up to you and you will have to take steps towards securing your future.  Higher education or learning a new trade to reinvent yourself or expand your skillset is a great place to start.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a four-year university but some kind of training. It just depends on your time, drive and passion.  You still have to work in order to support yourself and/or your family so you have to manage your schedule around your current job.  It might require working in the evenings and weekends to research other opportunities. 

However, there are twenty-four hours in the day, if you factor in time for sleep, entertainment and relaxation, you can use the surplus hours breaking through the “nowhere job” ceiling.  Again, don’t ever quit your current job until you have an exit strategy. I know it can be difficult but you and your family will suffer from such a rash decision.

Being in a bad job situation can be like being in a bad relationship.  Think about it, we spend more time with our co-workers than we do our loved ones so if you’re unhappy, your whole life can be depressing.  No matter how much money you’re making you should consider leaving that job and finding a new one.  When I’m happy with a job I feel like I’m going to spend time with the love of my life. 

I created a company and environment for my employees where they can feel like that every day. Starting your own business is always a consideration and you don’t always need a lot of money to do it.  I’ve started businesses with a lot of money and a little money.  Which one do you think turned out better for me? Whatever path you take, feel like you’re doing something with your life and moving forward.

Ruby Polanco is the inspirational, knowledgeable, and colorful President of the Ruby Makeup Academy. The school was founded in Arcadia, CA in 2006 and now has locations serving N. Hollywood, the San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire, with courses focusing on personal makeup, character makeup, hair design, airbrushing, and special effects makeup. In August 2014, the Ruby Makeup Academy was ranked #403 on the Inc. Magazine Top 500 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies in America.  Ruby is a well-rounded entrepreneur with an artistic approach.

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