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15 Best Online MBA Programs of 2014

By on November 22, 2014

Affordable College FoundationThe Affordable College Foundation has launched their revised ranking of 2014-15’s “Best Online MBA Programs.”

Researchers and data analysts at the foundation spent 2 months combing through several thousand colleges and universities, searching their websites, speaking with program directors, and checking against government records to compile a unique, comprehensive data source of online MBA programs nationwide.

Their team then developed a proprietary system to score and rank these programs based on several critical factors such as accreditation, tuition costs, student-faculty ratio, and more to rank only those not-for-profit colleges that exceed the standard of excellence when it comes to the MBA.

The guide to online MBA programs now includes:

  • List of top not-for-profit online MBA programs for 2015
  • An in-depth guide to earning a MBA online vs. on-campus
  • Tips for choosing the right online MBA program
  • Expert advice from MBA graduates

You can view the online MBA programs rankings and guide here:


About the Affordable Colleges Foundation

Affordable Colleges Foundation began in 2011 to provide quality data and information about pursuing an affordable higher education. Their free community resource materials and tools span topics such as financial aid and college savings, opportunities for veterans and people with disabilities, and online learning resources. They have been featured by nearly 600 top universities in the United States, Canada, and the UK, and by dozens state and local government organizations.

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